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Spring 2020 Gazette 1

Updated: Jan 31

Gazette Issue 1 Spring 2020

ALDHA-West Gazette Spring 2020
Download PDF • 13.18MB

A special thank you to Lisa "Hummingbird" Pulsifer for her beautiful layout work on this edition!!

President's Message, by Charles "Cephas" Baker

Strudel & Strolling in the Italian Dolomites, by Theo "Blis" Davis

Trail Notes - Plan B, by Felicia "Princess of Darkness" Hermosillo

Making a Political Statement, by Liz "Snorkel" Thomas

Backpacker's Green Breakfast Burritos recipe, by Melissa "Treehugger" Spencer

A recap of the 2019 Gathering by Charles "Cephas" Baker

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