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Introducing the Diverstiy Hiker Scholarship class of 2024!

Hannah Chingarande.jpg

Hannah Chingarande

I decided at the beginning of the year that I would like to embark on the journey of hiking all of the Colorado Trail and summit all the 14,000 foot peaks that are reasonably on the way. 


I saw that ALDHA-West had opened applications for their Scholarship, prompting me to take action and apply. The mission of ALDHA-West resonates profoundly with the core principles that guide my life. As I embark on this journey, I anticipate immersing myself in the wilderness and cultivating a connection with nature that transcends mere existence. This expedition represents an opportunity for personal growth and the cultivation of a profound reverence for the nature -never-ending. Hopefully, this gives me the opportunity to spread the love with other people who are like me- encouraging everyone they belong in the thru-hiking community.

Yoseline Castillo Lopez.jpg

Yoseline Castillo Lopez

I applied for the ALDHA-West scholarship to attempt a continuous hike of my own and be a form of representation for folks who do not see much of themselves in outdoor spaces. As an outdoor educator in the Bay Area, I have seen how powerful nature is when utilized as a form of nurture and healing. My passion for accessing outdoor spaces has also been faced with layers of my own discomfort of not seeing much representation of folks that look like me along with the financial barriers of accessing expensive equipment or feeling safe. It is with this in mind that makes me even more excited to do something that is not so common in my community and be able to pave more forms of representation for Bay Area youth and my family members. I plan on hiking a beautiful section of the PCT Trail in California this late summer. This is a journey that will not be easy but I know that alongside me will be my ancestors, all my students and family who love and support me for doing something as courageous as venturing on my own for once

Cameron Shropshire.png

Cameron Shropshire

My dad taught me the importance of experiencing the outdoors through hiking and camping. I have passed this down to my daughters whom I share the same experiences with. As a father my goal will always be to show my daughters that they can achieve their goals and understand the importance of exploring new opportunities such as the outdoors.


Additionally, I am a part of the organization Seeing Our Adolescents Rise (SOAR) a community-based organization that works with multicultural and marginalized youth, ages 7-19, providing mentorship, education support, therapeutic support, community service opportunities, and adventure activities to address youth success. It's extremely important to me that they see individuals who look like them experiencing the outdoors, volunteering and showing that their goals are achievable

Seth Hall Fenner.png

Seth Hall Fenner

Oki Niksokwaiks! My name is Seth Fenner. I’m a Blackfeet and Little Shell Native from Glacier country. I am so grateful to receive this scholarship which allows me to further connect with my homelands while hiking the CDT. I also work in historical protection so this is an amazing opportunity to see more of the continental divide trail. Thanks All!

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