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2024 virtual Ruck - Thru Hiker Panel: Snow, Fire, and Water

Updated: Mar 14

Thru-Hike Prep Panel

Moderated by Renee "She-Ra" Patrick (Founder of Intentional Hiking)

Water covered by Danielle "Giggles" O'Farrell

Fire covered by Mary "Fireweed" Kwart (Trail Jounals)

Snow covered by Katie "Salty" Gerber

Water Links

Fire Links:

Avenza (US Forest Service logging roads and other small rural roads like on Benchmark road atlas to help with planning alternate routes and evacuation)

Watch Duty - real time info on local fires before they surface on the national Inciweb system

Red Flag Reports (or any weather app that shows Red Flag Warnings that alert to imminent fire potential)

The Lookout by Zeke Lunder

Snow Links

Mapping Software

Weather Links - shows wind direction and speed (fires spread in the direction the wind is blowing)


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