2020 board Nominees

Vice President

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Amanda "Zuul" Jameson

VP Nominee

Having thru-hiked the CT (2015), PCT (2016), and LASHed the GET (2018), Zuul has been a little more settled the last couple years - but that doesn't mean she hasn't been busy. From her home in the occupied territories of the Arapahoe, Cheyenne, Očhéthi Šakówiŋ, and Núu-agha-tʉvʉ-pʉ̱ (Ute) peoples (AKA Denver, CO), she's been working to diversify the outdoors through public and behind-closed-doors work with organizations getting people outside responsibly. She's got a couple of fancy degrees if you're into that sort of thing (and a Master Educator certification from Leave No Trace!), but she's learned more through hiking and storytelling - from writing about her personal experiences as a TBI (tall, black, and intimidating) queer woman, to listening to stories of be/longing from those who occupy intersections of marginalized identity.


Zuul has served a term as a Board Member-At-Large for ALDHA-West, and is invested in the organization and its future - which is why she's running for Vice President this time around. While the Long-Distance Read got away from her - 2020 has been something else - she's most proud of her work organizing and facilitating the webinar Thru-Hiking While Black, featuring Chardonnay and Akuna. With her VP term, and with the coronavirus still curtailing in-person events, she hopes to increase ALDHA-West's web offerings to include rucks, happy hours, affinity spaces for folks with marginalized identities, and more webinars on hiking- and belonging-related topics.


Jackie "Peaches" Orange

Treasurer Nominee

I have a four year accounting degree and have spent over five years working in the public accounting industry. I took a sabbatical in 2018 and thruhiked the AT. I have been travelling around the world since then. In my spare time, I volunteered as bookkeeper/treasurer for a couple organizations over the last few years. I really appreciate what ALDHA-WEST does for the outdoor community and I would love to give back to the outdoors by assisting ALDHA-WEST in any way I can. 


Brian "Byron" O'Malley

Board Member at Large Nominee

My love for hiking started slightly superficial after reading the book “Wild.” But it did not stop there. I have read every book our local library has to offer, and  downloaded multiple e-books about hiking and camping.


My love for hiking has gone beyond the pages. In high school, I was avid about camping and learning wilderness survival skills, including working at multiple summer camps. I spent one summer teaching wilderness and fire making skills to at risk youth. As I prepared for my first long weekend hike on the AT, I honestly had NO idea what I was getting myself into. My wife, 4 dogs and I geared up and hit the trail, and we quickly fell in love. I have hiked parts of the AT in North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  My wife, 2 yo son, and our menagerie of animals live near Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio, where I am about to graduate from nursing school. After graduation, I plan to spend as much time on the trails as possible and eventually through hiking the AT.


If given the opportunity to serve on the ALDHA-West board, I would look for opportunities to educate new hikers, and create resources for new long distance hikers that are passionate about getting started. I would love to continue to work with long distance hikers and weekend warriors to “Leave No Trace.” Being a newer long distance hiker is excited to “lead new hikers on the right path, by following the trails set forth by seasoned hikers” I look forward to turning in my text books, getting out my hiking shoes and serving ALDHA-west.


Tyler "The Prodigy" Lau

Board Member at Large Nominee

Tyler Lau, trail name: The Prodigy, grew up in playing outside and found outdoor spaces in cities just as fascinating as in forests and mountains.


In regards to the long distance hiking world he first discovered the Pacific Crest Trail in 2016. On that thru hike he realized the immense beauty and growth that could be experienced while on trail.


In 2018 he hiked the Calendar Year Triple Crown with the purpose of changing the narrative of the outdoors and thru hiking. His goal was to raise awareness, education about diversity, equity and inclusion in the outdoors. He became the first Asian-American and first Person of Color to hike a triple crown in a year. 


He wants to join the ALDHA-West board to better represent people whose voices may not be heard from the trail, to help change the narrative for hikers of all abilities and to foster a more diverse, inclusive and equitable community in the long distance hiking community.

Lisa "Hummingbird"Pulsifer

Board Member at Large Nominee

Hi, I’m Hummingbird, section hiker extraordinaire! I live in the Pacific Northwest with access to the PCT and the PNT as well as thousands of other incredible trails. Since 2016 I’ve put a couple thousand miles under my boots two to three weeks at a time. I write about my adventures on my personal blog, in a local publication, and on TheTrek.co.

This year I volunteered to be editor of the ALDHA-West Gazette. I gave the publication a much-needed makeover and I got a sneak peak at the inner workings of this organisation. I’m running for Member-At-Large because I want to take on more of a role within ALDHA-West, increase the reach of the Gazette and help bring more long-distance hikers into the growing ALDHA-West campground.


Danielle "Giggles" O'Farrell

Board Member at Large Nominee

Danielle “Giggles” began centering her life around long distance hiking after her Pacific Crest Trail hike in 2017 and has gone on to hike the Southern Sierra High Route to the Sierra High Route (’18), Lowest to Highest (‘18), Continental Divide Trail (’19) and the Wind River High Route (’19).   Drawing on her experience as a Wilderness EMT and Leave No Trace Master Educator, Danielle works in San Francisco as an outdoor educator introducing new folks to backpacking and helping hikers increase their confidence in the outdoors. As a way of giving back to the hiking community and to spend more time with awesome hikers, she also volunteers helping Scout and Frodo, the PCTA, ALDA-West at the NorCal RUCKs, writing articles for various organizations and volunteering with a local non-profit, Bay Area Wilderness Training.


Danielle looks forward to joining ALDHA-West to continue to facilitate opportunities for knowledge sharing among hikers and help bring new folks into the long distance hiking community, with a particular emphasis on increasing gender representation and LGBTQ+ visibility.


Bobbi "Bubble Wrap" Walters

Board Member at Large Nominee

My name is Bobbi “Bubble Wrap” Walters and I have been hiking for as long as I can remember. I have hiked all over the US and some in Costs Rica. Having a schoolteacher father and stay at home mom as parents, they took us all over camping and hiking for our summer vacations so my love of the outdoors started at an early age. I am more at home on a skinny trail in the backcountry than anywhere else. 

As a female hiker, I am an advocate for more inclusivity in the outdoor community for women and people of color. I believe that our public lands are there for all of us to love and enjoy and I want to help others feel just as comfortable as I am out there. 

I am also an advocate for LNT principals and thoroughly enjoy educating and sharing those principles with others. 

I am honored to have been nominated for this position and as a board member, I would continue to advocate for our public lands, minorities, and LNT principals. 


Board Member at large

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