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Sponsor Spotlight - Sawyer

13 Jun 2017 6:49 PM | Bob Turner (Administrator)

This issue of the Gazette's "Sponsor Spotlight" features Travis Avery, Marketing Director for Sawyer, one of ALDHA-West’s sponsoring gear companies. We asked Travis a few questions about Sawyer so that we can get to know them better. If you have any additional questions for Travis, please leave a comment.

1. Please give a brief description of your company.  What products do you sell?  How did you decide in which products to specialize? How long have you been doing this?

“Sawyer started in 1984.  Our first product was the “Sawyer Extractor,” a snake bite venom removal kit that we still sell to this day. It can also be used for bee stings, wasp stings, scorpion stings, ant bites, and more.  We then moved into sunscreen and insect repellent, then to first aid kits, and lastly to water filtration which is where we are debatably most well-known now.”

Mini water filtration system

2. Are there products you used to sell, but no longer do?  How did you make this decision?

“We have discontinued some products over the years.  Our Broad Spectrum insect repellent was a great formula that also worked against flies but now our Picaridin lotion and spray perform even better.”
 Insect repellant done right!

3.  Do you see the possibility (opportunity and/or threat) that the big gear makers try to buy up the cottage gear makers like we see happening in the craft beer space?

“Absolutely and we are regularly approached.  We are however fortunate to be able to maintain our position in the industry and we hope to continually to influence it and provide dependable products that can help provided outdoor protection to our fantastic customer base.”
4. What do you think are the greatest market opportunities for your product…expand the US market, Europe, Asia?  How do you plan to achieve these opportunities?

Saving The World One Filter At A  Time

“A large part of our water programs are in Africa, but we are looking to expand our water filtration systems and insect repellent availability to Central and South America where the need for both are prominent.”

5. Does your company give back to the trails? What does your company do to promote trails and sustainable use of them?

“We try.  We have been a “Leave-No-Trace” partner for several years now but the larger portion of our giving back programs are via international water relief.”
6.  Is there anything about your company that you would like to talk about that we haven’t covered yet?

“We have our brand-new Foam filtration systems coming out this year and we are excited to see how they are received as we hope to once again, raise the bar with personal water filtration.”

We keep you outdoors


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